Experimenting with going gluten and dairy free.

I’ve been experimenting with a semi-gluten-free diet, eliminating bread, pizza, cookies, cakes, pasta, and all the usual suspects, just to gauge its impact. It’s been five days, and the most notable change I’ve experienced is in my sleep patterns. Surprisingly, I’ve discovered that I’ve been the one disturbing my newborn’s sleep, not the other way around. While everyone sympathizes with me over the challenges of sleep with a baby, ironically, my little one is actually a sound sleeper. It’s as if he sleeps like a baby… Wait, what happened to that saying? Why don’t babies seem to sleep as deeply anymore? Yet, ours does. I wonder if it’s related to our decision not to vaccinate him at the moment?

In terms of holding myself accountable to this gluten-free commitment, I’ve set a personal rule. I’ve pledged to take a one-minute cold shower each day I indulge in anything floury. Needless to say, I’m not keen on taking any cold showers! I must confess, my affinity for quality sleep has made it remarkably easy to adhere to my decision. I’m also curious about any further changes that may unfold over time.

Fast forward to one month later:

After three weeks, I decided to halt the gluten-free experiment as I didn’t observe any significant changes apart from improved sleep. Being someone who enjoys shaking things up, I opted to try a dairy-free lifestyle instead. I didn’t want to restrict myself from both, so dairy-free it is. Additionally, I believe that the quality of gluten in Estonia is notably better due to the country’s ban on glyphosates. Glyphosate, a commonly used herbicide, has been linked to adverse health effects as it’s sprayed directly on genetically modified food crops, killing everything else. There’s substantial evidence suggesting its negative impact on our well-being.

Transitioning to a dairy-free diet has proven more challenging, but I’ve noticed more pronounced changes in my health, particularly in my digestive regularity. I’m committed to only consuming my homemade cream yogurt and forgoing all other dairy products.

Let me know about your digestion in the comments. Haaah, I am a real frea.. fanatic. I know.

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