How I stopped skin picking.

Skin picking has been a topic for me for my whole life. For the ones who do not know, it is a compulsive disorder to pick on skin, while feeling emotional. After 31 years of skin picking I have finally found a solution. This is big! I tried so many ways to get over it. I tried wearing gloves all day, wearing face mask all day, wearing fake nails, cutting my nails so short it hurt and so on.. None of those worked!

So what did work? I realized that I need to change my thought pattern around this issue. Every thought around the lines that I don’t even notice when I do it. I will never be able to recover from it. It is too ingrained in me. Basically every thought that is not helping me achieve clear skin and no picking will be corrected.

I do notice when I pick my skin. I immediately stop picking on my skin. My skin is beautiful and unbothered.

And then ladies and gents! Most important factor of the solution is to do something that feels very bad immediately after you notice yourself picking. I chose to put my hands under freezing water for 30 seconds. The way it works is that your brain connects this habit with feeling bad instead of feeling dopamine. This is the solution! As soon as the temptation arises to pick on my skin I remember the freezing and painful cold I felt the last time. And no thank you!

What do you think? Worth a try? Let me know in the comments.

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