Thoughts I want to have.

I will be engaging in some serious intentional self-reflection. Even as I write this, I’m actively undergoing the process, essentially brainwashing myself. I firmly believe that our thoughts and feelings manifest into our reality. At 31 years old, I finally recognize the need for order in my mind. I aim to attain clarity and sharpen my vision, with a strong inner voice guiding me towards my purpose. In fact, I’m already on the path towards it.


For a considerable amount of time, I’ve yearned for a sense of purpose, a career, something to commit to for life. I’ve explored various avenues and attempted to dedicate myself to them, but I consistently fell short. I’d engage in something for a few months only to abandon it, convinced it wasn’t for me or becoming enthralled by something else. I even began to doubt if I’d ever discover my true calling.

Now, I’m filled with excitement because I’ve identified the root cause of this cycle. Cue the drumroll—The issue lies in the narrative I’ve perpetuated in my mind! I’ve harbored this inner belief that I’m incapable of making choices or sustaining commitments. Naturally, I’d falter if that’s what I deeply believed. Recognizing this, I understand the need to rewrite my internal script, and the rest will naturally fall into place.

New script: I am capable of commitment. I will forge my path and remain steadfast. I will uncover what’s right for me, staying true to myself. I’m eagerly anticipating the imminent revelation of my life’s purpose. I will bravely recognize what is mine. I will succeed in what I take upon me. I will be greatly intrigued and even slightly obsessed with it when I finally find it. I am going to find my thing in the near future and I am very excited for it to happen.

How can I truly embrace this new script? Well, why did I adhere to the old one? Where did I even acquire it? Likely during childhood or adolescence. As a child, I often indulged in self-pity, mirroring behaviors learned from my relatives—a victim mindset. Consequently, I adopted this script because it aligned with my beliefs at the time. But now, as an adult, that thought pattern has expired. I’ve undergone countless transformations and have the power to choose my beliefs. I am accountable for them. Moreover, I excel at recognizing and analyzing my thoughts—a skill honed through hours of meditation, which I find profoundly intriguing.

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